Style Guide: Industrial Chic

Welcome to my first installment to my Style Guide series, where I take a closer look at unique styles for your home!

One of my favorite current trends is “Industrial Chic” decor. Industrial Chic blends the urban edge of utilitarian design with the warmth of aged woods and worn textures. The easiest way to add industrial elements to your home is through accessories. Industrial accessories can be mixed with just about any style. In traditional settings, it can bring a masculine, modern edge. Conversely in a modern setting, it can add depth and warmth. 

Here are some examples of this new style, Industrial Chic….

1. Sepia-tones gives this bedroom a vintage look. The iron globe chandelier, worn suitcases and counterpoised tasks lamps are all elements of industrial decor.



worn suitcases

counterposied task lights

counter-poised task lights

globe light

iron globe chandelier

2. This great room is an example of how you can use industrial finishes such as the exposed architectural beams and industrial hood. The worn, greige (grey + beige) hardwood floors are the perfect foundation for the mix of woods in the room. Last but not least, the iron-swivel stools with rustic wood seats are great industrial accessories!

kitchen 2

light fixture

the exposed bulb gives this fixture an industrial edge.


3. Although subtle, this kitchen has industrial elements in its lighting and dining furniture.


dining chair



distressed/worn table

4. These dining spaces incorporates fun industrial/vintage metal chairs. You can buy or paint them in a variety of shades to add color to your room.

dining room 2

kitchen 1

metal chairs

Other examples of “Industrial Chic”…..





DIY Shelving

 Accent Tables


side table 1



LOVE sign

 Upholstered Items




worn leather


textural natural textiles, linen & burlap

Now that you’re an “Industrial Chic” expert, see if you can spot the elements in these spaces….


living room 2

living room 3

living room

dining room


2014 Summer Trends

I’ve always been a fan of keeping your home on the neutral side so that you can add accessories and switch up the look per season.

Here are the HOT trends you can possibly incorporate into your home this summer!


I’m sure you’ve been seeing these a lot lately, but I think they’re particularly great  for the summertime because of their nostalgia. They can be used in a number of ways.

Here are some examples:

mason jar pendants

DIY Light fixtures

blue mason jar lights

condiment mason jars

Perfect for a picnic or bbq!

outdoor lighting mason jars

cute DIY outdoor lighting

mason jar sconces

Indoor Sconces!

Last but not least, my favorite….spray painted gold! Super easy, high impact!

gold mason jars

gold spray paint


Trays are a great way to contain counter top clutter….don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Grouping like items in trays not only looks better, but it makes it much easier when cleaning. Just pick up the tray rather than having to remove every item.

bath tray

bathroom tray- great for a guest bathroom.

coffee table tray 1

need a surface for your ottoman?

coffee table tray 2

organized catch-all for your book, magazine, remote, and other living room items.

table tray

place one on your dining table with your settings ready-to-go!

credenza tray

Place one in your entryway credenza with flowers, candles, picture frames and books.

kitchen tray

My favorite! Great for all those kitchen tools you need on-hand…olive-oil, salt, pepper, cutting boards.

They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. Remember, they are accessories so don’t be afraid of bright and fun patterns! Here are some examples….

fun color tray

tray 2

tray 3

tray 1


Vintage florals are another summer trend that you can incorporate into textiles; pillows, bedding, shower curtains, etc. They can add feminine touch to any room.

Smith Bathroom Bucks, photographer Jamie Mason


vintage floral pillows

throw pillows


sofa slipcover


fabric- use as a table cloth or make a pillow.

shower curtain

shower curtain


upholstered headboard


Copper light fixtures have become popular recently as well. The light reflects beautifully off the copper-lined pendants. They can also help with achieving an industrial/contemporary look.

copper lights

copper-lined pendants

copper lights 2

metallic elements always spice up a room!

copper lights 3

beautiful glow!

copper pendant


Originally seen in menswear, the herringbone pattern has become very popular to use throughout the home. Slightly different from the trendy chevron pattern, herringbone is classic and overlays horizontal bricks at a 45 degree angle. The pattern comes from its resemblance to the skeleton of a herring fish, hence its name “herringbone”.

herringbone floors 1

beautiful marble floors

h- floors

wood floors

h- wallpaper

fun wallpaper

h- tile

marble backsplash

h- dresser