Fifty-ONE Shades of Gray

Who says you need bright colors to create a warm and inviting space? Often times, the color gray is equated to a contemporary or cold feel…however, I disagree. Softer shades of gray can provide a beautiful, calming environment for any style while deep, bold shades of gray can create a dramatic effect and sophistication. However you’re using it, this neutral palette is a timeless classic!

Here are some examples of non-contemporary rooms using different shades of gray. Hopefully they will inspire you to use them in your own home!

bedroom 1

living room 1

bedroom 2

Living room 2

bedroom 3

living room 3

bedroom 5

living room 4


bedroom 6

living room 5


bedroom 7

living room 6


living room 7


Here are some great gray accent pieces to incorporate into your room.

accent table


pillow 1

rug 1


accent table'

accent stool



If you absolutely NEED to have color, another advantage to utilizing an all gray palette is that you can incorporate just about any accent color. Adding pops of color with throw pillows, accessories or flowers provides a quick update to your room.

The one floral pillow on the bed adds just the right amount of accent to the otherwise monochromatic palette.

floral pop

Recommended Accent Colors


pop of yellow 2

pop of yellow 3


pop of yellow 4


pop of yellow

Mineral Blue

mineral 4


mineral 2




pop of coral

coral 2


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