stars & STRIPES!

Hopefully, I am not the only one obsessed with stripes. Stripes have surpassed just being a trend and have quickly transformed to a classic! Their uniformity and simple lines make them not only easy to achieve but are easy on the eye and therefore make them classic. They can be done subtly with tone-on-tone or they can easily add drama with contrasting colors.

This first look is great for someone who may be indecisive. You’re not forced to pick just one color or width of stripe!

wall 2

Because of their whimsy, they’re great for kids rooms!

From nurseries to teen rooms, they can add a lot of fun!


nursery 2

teen room

girls room

teen room boy

Adding subtle stripes to this bathroom takes it from a standard update to a designer look!


You can be adventurous in the bathroom with color. Its a small space to experiment with so don’t be afraid.

bathroom 2

High-contrasting stripes can add drama instantly. Looks so chic!

bedroom 1


Not feeling that adventurous?…..No worries! Incorporate them into a piece of furniture.

chair 1



2 thoughts on “stars & STRIPES!

  1. Mona says:

    What a creative idea to paint the ceiling in stripes! I LOVE LOVE all you examples of how you can incorporate stripes into your rooms. These examples really show all their versatility!

    • Rjeanine13 says:

      Thanks! That is exactly what i was hoping to show! They do have a lot of versatility. Hope you are inspired to incorporate some stripes!

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