How to Create a Beautiful Foyer

The foyer, or entryway, is often a neglected area of the home. Since it’s not a “lived-in” space, people typically don’t think much about it, however, the foyer is the first thing people see when entering your home. Aesthetically, it can set the tone for the entire house with a combination of style and functionally as it’s the first landing space when you enter a home.

Below are a few ideas on how to create a smart, practical, stylish foyer as well as some of my favorite examples.

How do you create an inviting foyer space? Easily using these six elements to a foyer vignette!

  1. A console table, buffet or credenza
  2. A mirror
  3. Two buffet lamps (slightly larger than a standard table lamp) or wall sconces
  4. Two ottomans or a single bench
  5. One or two accent chairs or a settee (optional)
  6. Accessories

For a beautiful foyer space, make sure your elements reflect the style of your home. Here are some examples of the above elements incorporated into a few popular home styles.



Mid-Century Modern



Eclectic Glam



Modern Farmhouse




Now let’s look at 20 of my favorite foyers! Hopefully they will inspire you to give your foyer or entryway a little love!

example 2

#1: love the casual, lived-in look that the accessories create.

example 3

#2: Simple, clean, and traditional…can’t go wrong!

example 4

#3: This long console table fills the large space without adding weight. The accessories help ground and balance table.

example 13

#4: The gathering shown in this entryway is eclectically beautiful. Great mix of finishes, textures and color which help accentuate the rest of the space.

example 8

#5: This is a great example of a small space having major impact! The bold wallpaper and crisp white accenting furniture is a perfect combination!

example 12

#6: The entryway gathering on the right help balance the weight of the large staircase on the left. Great space- beautifully done!

example 7

#7: A simple console table and mirror accentuated by bright and bold accessories.

example 10

#8: This foyer has fun bold accents that shine all their own but work really well together! Love the pop of emerald green in the lamps!

example 9

#9: The larger pattern on the ottomans and metallic accents add interest to this otherwise neutral and monochromatic gathering.

example 16

#10: This is another grand entry balanced nicely by the grouping of furniture and accessories. The larger ottoman pulled out into the space helps balance the weight of the chandelier above.

example 1

#11: Rustic, charming and interesting is how i would describe this perfectly accessorized entryway. My favorite element are the sconces which shows you’re not limited to just lamps.

example 20

#12: I love the bright and cheerful use of color!

example 14

#13: The heavier wood console table accompanied by the larger scale mirror, lamp and basket help fill in the larger space. The neutral finishes themselves do not detract from the beautiful architectural details.

example 5

#14: Here is a good example of how you can dress up a classic black lacquer table seasonally. Simply change up the accessories to give an entirely new look!

example 21

#15: For a more modern and clean look, use a large full-length mirror. The bright flowers add the pop of color needed in the space.

example 19

#16: Here is another great example of how using a classic white console table allows you to change up the accessories however you wish. The citrus-toned rug and ottomans add a nice pop of color especially for Spring.

example 11

#17: I love this foyer because of the aqua accents. The console table and gathering compliment the fun door and rug.

example 15

#18: Black and white done right- classic!

#19: Great use of scale. The larger accents such as the lamps, table and coral again, fill the space nicely. Keeping them white compliments the airy and bright space.

example 23

#20: I saved the best for last! I love everything about this foyer gathering from the bold wallpaper to the symmetrical accessorizing. This foyer is beautiful and visually interesting!








Wallpaper 101: Knowing the Basics!

If you’re wanting to bring some added life into a room or maybe you’re just tired of painted flat walls; wallpaper can be just the trick! Wallpaper is definitely trending again, especially the less permanent easy-to-apply adhesive wallpaper. Its important when picking a wallpaper to stay away from super-trendy patterns and keep it “room-appropriate”. Monochromatic, textured paper like grasscloth works really well in a bedroom where as a bright saturated and fun print is best suited for a powder room.  Below, I’ll help broaden your paper knowledge by going over classic styles/patterns as well as awesome vendors to purchase from! There are even some fun application ideas for those not wanting to go the traditional route.


Floral & Botanical

Floral and botanical patterns like these would look amazing in a powder room or bedroom.




Geometric patterns can range from octagonal to lattice to chevron and diamond. A geometric paper is usually associated to a more contemporary or transitional look and can go almost anywhere.



Toile & Chinoiserie

Both Toile and Chinoiserie patterns depict a repeated scene of everyday life in the 18th century. Best used in a dining room or entryway, either can create a warm, unique and more formal look.




Fret, also known as Greek Key is a repeating pattern comprised of lines/bands. Spacing between them are approximately equal to the width of the bands creating a dual pattern using the negative space. Although Fret is a trending pattern currently, its greek classic design will  help its aesthetic longevity. This paper would look great in bathroom!




Grasscloth paper is a textural paper made from or made to look like woven grass cloth. It often comes in one color but like fabric, its threads vary in color giving it a dynamic look. Grasscloth is a great choice for just about any application.




Traditional wall paper can be costly since it requires professional installation. Peel-and-stick applications are becoming more and more popular because of the diy movement and its less permanent qualities. They are a great option for renters who cannot alter their walls.



Paintable paper is embossed to resemble fine plaster work and can be painted over any color you like.





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