Copy Cat: Modern Glam Living Room

Ever see a picture online or in a magazine that inspires you? You love it SO much you want to re-create it in your own home. In my new Copy Cat series, I’ll show you pictures of inspiration rooms found online and I’ll recreate them using accessible and affordable vendors. You’ll learn how to go about finding similar items and design elements to help recreate the look you love!

Here is our Inspiration Photo 

Modern Glam Living Room


To recreate this design, I suggest simplifying the elements in the room and make a list so it’s easier to find them when you’re out shopping. Rememeber, we dont have to find exact replicas in order to attain the look. Similar items that give off the same vibe will give you the look you love!

hello there

As you can see above, I’ve identified the objects by their shape, size and color.

Here is our shopping list

1. Simple geometric rug in black and white or cream

2. Cream sofa with modern, clean lines

3. Monochromatic, Tribal Pillows

4. Fun/unique gold chest of drawers.

5. Two matching crystal lamps

6. Round Gold Mirror

7. Small Gold Accent Table

8. Graphic wallpaper

9. Gold accessories- bonus points for finding a vase and obelisks.

Now let’s start to build our room up piece by piece, starting form the bottom up!


This rug works because it has a monochromatic black and white palette similar to the one in the picture as well as a simple geometric pattern.


LuLu & Georgia / Bria Rug, Obsidian / 6 x 9 for $378


The lines of this sofa mimic the clean, simple lines of the one seen in our inspiration room. It too has slightly curved arms and has exposed dark legs.


Ballard Design / Griffin Sofa / $1,199 (base) + cost of fabric

Acccent Pillows

All of the choices below work because they have geometric, tribal elements to them.


West Elm / Crewel Key Pillow- Slate / $39

pillow 2

Joss & Main / Maze Pillow / $30.95


Ballard Design / Zaebra Chevron Pillow / $38


Any of these options would work because the size/scale is similar, they all have a metallic gold sheen to them and they all incorporate a geometric pattern to their facade. When you have multiple options, I suggest choosing the one you personally like the most or better meets your budget.

Option 1

opt 1

Joss & Main / Aspasia Cabinet / $922

Option 2

opt 2

Jodd & Main / Cannon Dresser / $1,107

Option 3

opt 3

Joss & Main / Ashbury Chest / $922


This lamp works for obvious reasons. In this case, it’s almost an exact replica as the one seen in our picture…except much less expensive.

Crystal Stacked Ball Lamp_Target_$99.99

Crystal Stacked Ball Lamp / Target / $99.99


I found three options for the mirror. All are round and gold just like the one seen in the picture. Again, choosing the final one comes down to personal preference and budget.

Option 1

Ecom Decorative Wall Mirror Safavieh Gold_Target_$149.99

Ecom Decorative Wall Mirror Safavieh Gold / Target / $149.99

Option 2

Safavieh Decorative Inca Sun Mirror_Target_$229.99

Safavieh Decorative Inca Sun Mirror / Target / $229.99

Option 3

Safavieh Leaf Crown Sunburst Mirror_Target_$149.99

Safavieh Leaf Crown Sunburst Mirror/ Target / $149.99

 Accent Table

Here are three different options for the accent table. Any one of them would work because they are small in scale and have a gold finish to them.

Option 1

Marble Bullseye Tbl_Dot & Bo_$99.99

Marble Bullseye Table / Dot & Bo / $99.99

Option 2

Eight Ball Tbl_Dot & Bo_$149.99

Eight Ball Table / Dot & Bo / $149.99

Option 3

Tiara Side Tbl_Dot & Bo_$144.99

Tiara Side Table / Dot & Bo / $144.99


The wallpaper I found below works perfectly. It is in the same color palette as our inspiration and it shares the “geometric-retro” feel.


. Brewster Home Fashions / Sahrzad Black Nouveau Damask / Pattern #: 341722

The only thing left on the list are gold accessories which are easy to find! Personally, I love scouring TJ MAxx for accessories. You can always find some unique pieces there.

Let’s see how we did…..


Alternative finds VS Actual Room